Fair enough…you’ve made your way here and I figure I should tell you something about this blog. It’s about living a natural beauty lifestyle. By natural, I mean I’m looking for the most minimalist ways you can take care of yourself without having to splurge on products, both natural and commercial.

As a recent graduate, I’m broke and striving for beauty! I was never one of the pretty girls back in my school days and I’m certainly not a babe…yet! At least, I don’t feel like one. Before you go, “Oh, she’s so shallowwwwww bler bler bler.”

Well…aren’t we all just a liiiiiiitle bit desperate to feel good about ourselves? And I’m not shallow, I swear. I’m shallow about myself and I have this annoying habit where I see the beauty in others, but not myself. IDK, I’m working on it.

But! That’s the way the cookie sometimes crumbles and there are bigger things to deal with! Anyways, enough rambling from me. I hope you actually enjoy my little beauty experiments and whatnot. The deal is that I hope this blog essentially helps you live life to the max by living minimally. ❤


Oh and at risk for shameless self-promotion, I have another blog that focuses on my adventures as a foodie! It’s not quite up and running yet, but it’ll get there, considering how much I like to eat out.

Hogwarts: A History

JK. I do love Harry Potter though. (Proud Hufflepuff right here according to my Pottermore account and NO Hufflepuff is not the loser house…plus we’re near the kitchens so ha!)

Anyways, I guess the struggle for feeling beautiful started since I was a kid really, but my awareness only surfaced in high school and I remember being obsessed with fitting myself into smaller jeans. Ugh…kids are mean.

My natural beauty path started in university when I came across blogs like Almost Exactly and Written For Our Learning. It opened me up to so many hazards about commercial products AND helped me save money so it could be better allocated towards my university funds.

They were pretty much my inspiration for starting up a blog like this and I think one thing that’ll separate me from the others is because of my super duper sensitive skin.

As much as I wanted to foray into the natural world, even natural products had an effect on my sensitive skin. I’ll blame my genetics for that, but I needed to fight it, save money, AND do my part to help the environment. So I took what they’ve written and catered it to fit the sensitive skinned. Unfortunately, many people who suffer with sensitive skin have different triggers, and I’m hoping that some of my experiments will work for you! (I feel ya…don’t worry, you’ll find something that works for you!)

So here I am…not as red-faced anymore, skin’s not itching all over constantly, and my armpits aren’t breaking out in terrifying rashes. Seriously though…armpit rashes are the worst, especially in the summer. Wait…nope, they’re just the worst all year round.

Aren’t You Smelly Though?

I miss smelling like Herbal Essence, but I don’t smell like anything. Smell me, I dare you. My parents can attest to this. Actually, no don’t smell me. Ask me first, I might hit you.


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