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Why I Hate The Term LGBT


I love…

I love the lesbians. I love the gays. I love the bisexuals. I love the transgender. I love the straights too. But that’s the thing I hate about this statement. I love the movement. I hate the labels.

Sure it gives us all a sense of identity, but a social connotation that comes to mind with the term LGBT is “different.” One day, I want to come home to my daughter…wait I don’t have kids…but I want to come home to my imaginary daughter and if they say to me, “Mama!”

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How I’m Surviving My Long Distance Relationship and How You Can Too


Going The Distance

So my boyfriend and I have been long distance since we started dating five years ago. We’ve never lived in the same city but thankfully we were never more than three hours apart. That would’ve made for a more chaotic love story. However, it was still a long distance thing.

There’s two sides to this:

Scenario A

Long distance sucks. There’s no everyday cuddling, no super spontaneous dates, and there are no elements of surprise. There’s lots and lots of planning. Sometimes too much planning.

Scenario B

Long distance rocks. There’s more freedom. You can live a separate life from your SO. There’s little room for fighting when you’re actually together because you’re trying to make the most of the visit so you know…let’s just leave it as utilizing your together time for more love. You can develop yourself without the other interfering so much.

I’ll kind of retract the last statement I made because this really depends on how long distance couples spend their time apart.
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Loving Love Again


What is love?

First loves, true loves, last loves, where does it start and where does it end? The other day, a family member and I were talking about the concept of falling in love. Apparently, he’s fallen head over heels for this girl and claims to love her, but she doesn’t feel the same and doesn’t want them to go too fast. Typical love scorned teenage story, right? That’s not the main point here though.

Notice I said he “claimed.” My first reaction to his story was that, “He’s too young to know what love is.” Then I realized that I had suffered the same fate as most adults have: the fact that I even thought that he was too young to love someone else was a super fatal mistake.

Why? Because I myself believed that I had truly fallen in love at the age of 16, and I’ve claimed to be in love countless times before that. I faced the same scrutiny from older peers saying, “That’s not love! That’s just an infatuation.” or “You’re too young to love! Go study.”

But I didn’t care because I knew that in my heart, what I felt was real. I know I hadn’t lived that long, but I’d racked up a countless number of crushes and fantasy relationships to know that what I was feeling at 16 was the real deal.

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