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Weight Loss Journey – Mini Update 1


Weight Loss Journey – Mini Update 1

I won’t lie. It’s been hard some days. Not so much the exercise part, that part I’m actually enjoying, ever since I’ve started running outside, but the staying away from food part.

That’s been the most difficult.


It’s especially hard at the office because many here go out for lunch and come back with mouth-watering food and every Friday I’ve been here, one of the girls brings a box of Timbits for us to nosh on.

I guess it helps that my mom cooks deliciously but at the same time, the lure of fast food take out is so tempting.

There was one time one of the guys brought back chicken shawarmas and they smelled divine. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Anyways, struggle with food aside…

It’s been 19 days since I started and I’ve fallen off the wagon in terms of food probably 4 times. Free food at the Mandarin on Canada Day was a thing and I know I should’ve stayed away, but GAH and All-You-Can-Eat Japanese food is a waist killer.

“But…it’s JAPANESE FOOD.” the foodie inside me screams.

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Weight Loss Journey – Part 1


Date: June 20, 2014

Weigh-in: 210 lbs (probably all that guacamole I had yesterday lol)
Current goal weight: 150 lbs
Ultimate goal weight: 130 lbs

Well…that’s a start.

The way I’m altering my diet is simple:

  • Smaller portions
  • Including healthier options in my meals
  • Cutting out soda (I’ve already partially done this, but I occasionally go back to it for the taste, but then it hurts my tummy!)

I would add “eating out less” to the list, but it’s just so hard to do. What I’ll be doing instead is counting those as my cheat days and will exercise cutting my portions in half. If only I could get my brother to eat my other half so that I wouldn’t be tempted to eat the rest of it, then I’m solid, but noooooo.

I’ve already kind of started these behaviours. When I first started my internship in May 2014, my mom would pack my food and give me insanely small portions!

Well, insanely small at that time and for the first couple of weeks, I would feel like I was starving the whole day and jumped on the occasional opportunity when my co-workers would eat out. Now those “insanely small portions” fill me up just nicely and yes, thank you mom.

So PROGRESS even if I’m not losing any weight right now lol. HAH TAKE THAT.
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Weight Loss Series – Part 0


Feeling the Burn

It used to be that I wanted to lose weight to look good. But now, it’s time to get back on the treadmill and lose weight for my health. Urgh, dad’s side is riddled with all kinds of diseases and illnesses and his blood runs strong in mine. Yeah of course, not only do I get a higher chance of getting diseases but I also get my mom’s love for savoury foods. Oh, the irony.

Honestly, if I could stay my size forever without the health consequences, then by all means. My fat rolls have become a constant source of security for me<3

I actually started to feel more secure with myself when I gained more weight. I was a lot more obsessed with my figure when I was skinnier back in 12th grade. Looking back at my high school photos, I won’t lie. I was pretty decent looking, but it also reminded me of what I subjected my body to in order to maintain that look. It was depressing and I hated myself.

Anyways, four years and 40 lbs later, sitting at 200 lbs is probably the most comfortable I’ve ever felt. That is, until people start commenting about my weight gain and how I used to look “fit” back in the days.

Goodbye self-esteem, hello major bouts of insecurity.

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