Stay With Me – Sam Smith (Piano Cover)


Hey guys!

So this is not a natural beauty post or anything, BUT this is a beautiful cover of one of my favourite songs ATM.
A guy named Sam Bartel from my university who’s been in multiple a cappella groups (Water Boys, Intentional Accidentals, Barometer Boys and probably a few more I believe) has covered Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.”

He’s one of my favourite performers from our a cappella club and just thought I’d share the talent! I don’t know him personally, but when I received my first a cappella solo in Winter 2014 , our conductors invited other club members to give us critiques on how to perform better and Sam was one of them.

I distinctly remember Sam saying that I needed to “relax.”
By relax, I mean…stop sweating profusely and having this majorly awkward face while singing.

Another conductor said I was “cute”…which to this day, I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not because the song was kinda depressing lol. But anyways…

This had me punching myself in the head later because of my tendency to freeze up with smaller and more intimate audiences. So when it came to the day of our end of term concert, I was afraid that I’d choke on my first solo, but the actual performance went fine. I didn’t cry or feel faint. 😛

Anyways ENOUGH RAMBLING. Hope you enjoy Sam’s take on Sam:


He’s pretty fantastic lol. Totally fangirling right now.


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