Water Only Hair Washing


Rinse Only Method/Water-Only Method

What is water-only hair washing?

It is the process of only rinsing your hair with water. Instead of eliminating the natural oils from your hair through commercial products, you are essentially using water to work with the natural oils instead of against it.

Why should you do it?

People have many different reasons for wanting to go more natural. Some do it for the environment, some do it to save money, and there are those like me, who suffer from skin conditions that give us a hard time adjusting to commercial products.

1) It’s Environmentally Friendly!

Water-only hair washing definitely helps the environment because you’re not rinsing commercial products down the drain and you’re consuming less plastic bottles.

Wait, aren’t you wasting water?! Nope! Well..at first I kinda was because I had no idea how to go about this, but once I settled into my current routine, it takes me a good 5 minutes to get through my thorough hair washes. Plus, I’m trying to get into the habit of turning off the water when I don’t need it (i.e. shaving, soaping up, waiting for ACV to work its magic.)

2) You Save Money!

Water-only hair washing saves money! Instead of shelling out $15 for commercial products every 2 months or so, this way is cheaper. For two bottles of Braggs ACV which I also use for other things, it costs about $10 and the argan oil I got from Winners was around $10 as well. Even then, I don’t use the argan oil that much. I figure I’ll be using it more on my ends in the winter, but we’ll see!

3) It’s Friendly For The Sensitive Skinned! (Unless You’re Allergic To Water!)

Water-only hair washing means you know what’s going on your head! For me, it’s just plain old-distilled water and my weekly apple cider vinegar rinse. This has greatly helped me maintain my seborrheic dermatitis.

You don’t necessarily have to embark on water-only with me. Just thought I’d share something that works for me and my scalp condition. Some people still wash their hair with alternative means or they’ll stretch their washes with water-only rinses. Do whatever works for ya!

Honestly, the one thing I absolutely miss from using commercial products or even the alternatives is the smell. My scalp doesn’t have a funky smell to it as long as I wash it well enough, but I miss smelling pretty. Unfortunately, my scalp’s too sensitive for any fragrance so…yeah. That sucks sweaty balls but that’s life.

Stay tuned for the how-to! I didn’t want to put everything on one post because it was waaay too long!


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