Weight Loss Journey – Mini Update 1


Weight Loss Journey – Mini Update 1

I won’t lie. It’s been hard some days. Not so much the exercise part, that part I’m actually enjoying, ever since I’ve started running outside, but the staying away from food part.

That’s been the most difficult.


It’s especially hard at the office because many here go out for lunch and come back with mouth-watering food and every Friday I’ve been here, one of the girls brings a box of Timbits for us to nosh on.

I guess it helps that my mom cooks deliciously but at the same time, the lure of fast food take out is so tempting.

There was one time one of the guys brought back chicken shawarmas and they smelled divine. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Anyways, struggle with food aside…

It’s been 19 days since I started and I’ve fallen off the wagon in terms of food probably 4 times. Free food at the Mandarin on Canada Day was a thing and I know I should’ve stayed away, but GAH and All-You-Can-Eat Japanese food is a waist killer.

“But…it’s JAPANESE FOOD.” the foodie inside me screams.

How can I be a foodie and be fit at the same time? I feel like the answer for me is that I just eat less…I don’t know, it’s all very confusing.

Luckily, I’ve gotten to the point where my stomach can’t handle huge portions of food and I’ve almost thrown up the one day my boyfriend and I went for Japanese. It was kind of a sickening moment when I realized I was overeating because I was upset over something. So conclusion is, I’m an emotional eater. My relationship with food has always been disastrous…I don’t want to get too much into the dark stuff. Maybe I will one day, but it’s just hard to put down in words honestly.

Anyways, moving on!

I can still eat the stuff I want but in portions. I’m packing less snacks to work and I’ve started counting my calories again. I really hated doing this, but it worked when I lost 30 lbs in 2013. So I figure the more I talk myself out of eating beyond my calorie limit, the smaller portions of food I’ll consume.

It just sucks sometimes you know? I just hope I don’t develop a hate relationship with food again. That was such a difficult time.


I hit a little bump in my exercise routine. I somehow got inflamed feet, probably from my old running shoes, so I couldn’t be on my feet at all without them hurting. They’re feeling much better now, but I can’t do any strenuous activity for the next couple weeks. Hey at least I have an excuse to buy new shoes!

But let me tell you…I don’t think I’ve enjoyed running until now. Probably because I always tried running in the middle of the day, where it’s sweltering hot and the sun is on my neck, but now that I go for a run with my parents at night, when it’s cooler and there’s less chance of getting heat stroke and sunburn, it’s actually fun!

The only problem is…how am I gonna keep running once winter comes around? I know there are people who run during winter and I’d like to think that I can handle that…but we’ll see!

As for strength training, the usual push-ups, sit ups on my ball, and squats. Me love squats<3 If I get a job out of this internship, I can start up my gym membership again and use the machines.

If you’re a winter runner, comment on the box below on how you do it. I always found that crazyyy just because I hate the cold, but I’ve always admired you all from afar!

Cheers! And here’s hoping I don’t get any more problems with my feet!
I probably just jinxed myself…


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