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How I’m Surviving My Long Distance Relationship and How You Can Too


Going The Distance

So my boyfriend and I have been long distance since we started dating five years ago. We’ve never lived in the same city but thankfully we were never more than three hours apart. That would’ve made for a more chaotic love story. However, it was still a long distance thing.

There’s two sides to this:

Scenario A

Long distance sucks. There’s no everyday cuddling, no super spontaneous dates, and there are no elements of surprise. There’s lots and lots of planning. Sometimes too much planning.

Scenario B

Long distance rocks. There’s more freedom. You can live a separate life from your SO. There’s little room for fighting when you’re actually together because you’re trying to make the most of the visit so you know…let’s just leave it as utilizing your together time for more love. You can develop yourself without the other interfering so much.

I’ll kind of retract the last statement I made because this really depends on how long distance couples spend their time apart.
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How To Survive University As An Introvert Pt. 2


Continued from Part 1

In the previous post, I talked about the same thing I’m going to talk about here really, and that is, how to survive university as an introvert…or even as an extrovert, for those who are feeling unsure about university!

University’s tough but it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. You’ll still have fun and you’ll do just fine after you’re done.

When you graduate and you’re feeling a ton of anxiety, you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

Here we go!!

6) Take on leadership roles

A lot of this had to do with reading Susan Cain’s “Quiet.” That book pretty much gave me the confidence to take on the roles I was happy to take on in my fourth year.

People always think that leaders need to be charismatic, outgoing, and charming. While that certainly wasn’t my case, I knew I had something else to offer. Ideas…concepts…my passion for wanting to help improve any situation thrown at our group.
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How To Survive University As An Introvert Pt. 1


Before we begin…

So I just graduated last Wednesday, hurray!

Bad news is that this prompted me to reflect on the past four years of my life. These were the five things I got:

  • I had breezed through four years without ever really making friends in my program and would shy away from developing deeper academic relations with my profs/TAs.
  • My grades could’ve been wayyy better. I mean I technically graduated with Honours but I’ll be honest, it was difficult to maintain my grades.
  • I should’ve joined my beloved clubs sooner.
  • I ate the same amount but exercised way less. You do the math.
  • I didn’t realize I was an introvert until my final year and could’ve gotten more out of my experience had I been aware of my introversion.

At this point in my life, I thought something was wrong with me. I never minded being alone until I was in put in a situation where social interaction was to be expected.
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