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My Best Friend


On days I feel terribly alone and unwanted, I think of her: my best friend.
She knows who she is and I’ll be forever grateful for her, even if we don’t exactly talk everyday like the typical bffs do.

What spurned this post is because I was feeling exceptionally lonely today. I think I was just being overly dramatic, but regardless.
I suddenly thought back to the day I walked into my 9th Grade social studies class, terrified and absolutely dreading my first day at this school already. Kids were cussing at teachers and swearing at each other. I wasn’t used to this type of environment and I stuck out like a sore thumb. My meekness sprawled across every inch of my face, my movements.

My social studies teacher, warm and welcoming, told me I could sit in the front next to her, my future soul sister. She didn’t really seem like the friendly type. Her face was unyieldingly expressionless and even oblivious to the chaos in the classroom. I sat down thinking about how awkward the rest of the school year would be.

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Stay With Me – Sam Smith (Piano Cover)


Hey guys!

So this is not a natural beauty post or anything, BUT this is a beautiful cover of one of my favourite songs ATM.
A guy named Sam Bartel from my university who’s been in multiple a cappella groups (Water Boys, Intentional Accidentals, Barometer Boys and probably a few more I believe) has covered Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.”

He’s one of my favourite performers from our a cappella club and just thought I’d share the talent! I don’t know him personally, but when I received my first a cappella solo in Winter 2014 , our conductors invited other club members to give us critiques on how to perform better and Sam was one of them.

I distinctly remember Sam saying that I needed to “relax.”
By relax, I mean…stop sweating profusely and having this majorly awkward face while singing.

Another conductor said I was “cute”…which to this day, I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not because the song was kinda depressing lol. But anyways…

This had me punching myself in the head later because of my tendency to freeze up with smaller and more intimate audiences. So when it came to the day of our end of term concert, I was afraid that I’d choke on my first solo, but the actual performance went fine. I didn’t cry or feel faint. 😛

Anyways ENOUGH RAMBLING. Hope you enjoy Sam’s take on Sam:


He’s pretty fantastic lol. Totally fangirling right now.

Why I Hate The Term LGBT


I love…

I love the lesbians. I love the gays. I love the bisexuals. I love the transgender. I love the straights too. But that’s the thing I hate about this statement. I love the movement. I hate the labels.

Sure it gives us all a sense of identity, but a social connotation that comes to mind with the term LGBT is “different.” One day, I want to come home to my daughter…wait I don’t have kids…but I want to come home to my imaginary daughter and if they say to me, “Mama!”

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Summer Reading List 2014


A mix of the old and new!

Not sure if I’ll like all these books, especially the bottom 2; I received those 2 in a Twitter contest, so they didn’t get as much love and research put into them as the others, but hey I’m up for anything and every kind of book there is out there. That brings me back to 4th grade when I attempted to read “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens, HAH. Yeah right 4th grade me. I remember looking at it thinking I’d be so smart if I read it and couldn’t even understand what the heck was going on. I’m no Matilda.

One thing’s kinda sad though…I have a lot of books that I haven’t read yet and are just gathering dust. I fell out of love with reading books. I’ll still read news articles and feature pieces on things, but I’ve kind of lost the spark with reading. It happens and I guess school had something to do with it. I’ll save that for another time; it’s still hard for me to process that I’d fall out of love with reading. It was the hobby that defined me and the hobby that almost destroyed me as well.

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Insta-Celebrity: I’m A Garden Rose


Inspired by a blog post from The Daily Post, they asked their readers to write about which celebrity they would trade places with and why.

My pick? Right now, I’m totally digging Uzo Aduba, who currently portrays Suzanne Warren aka Crazy Eyes from Orange Is The New Black.

Why? It’s not so much her Crazy Eyes character I want to trade places with, but because she portrays her so well and engages in the role as if it was truly her, that shows passion to the craft. Fully committing herself to any role she portrays, I’m sometimes taken aback when I see her out of her Crazy Eyes persona, all glamorous and well, not-so-Crazy-Eyes-like.

I admire certain celebrities for their passion. You can see it in their work and you can see it in the way they handle their celebrity fame. I haven’t kept up much with celebrity gossip for a while, but I love when my favourite celebrities are nowhere to be found amidst the sea of celebrity journalism. The less I know about them, the better I’m able to enjoy their works without thinking about their latest scandal(s).
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