Who am I?

Vanesa is what people call me! I’m a 20-something year old average girl who loves to write about things I’ve observed over the years.
I’ve just finished up my English undergrad here in Canada and not quite sure what to make of myself right now. Hopefully a Masters somewhere in between and lots and lots of going out to eat food.

Note: I look better on Facebook lols.

I’m a lover of the natural beauty concept and food. I’m not exactly what you would call a hippie but I’m most likely gonna end up in that subculture of society with the way I’m going. Hope you guys enjoy what I have to say about certain things and I hope that you guys find this blog informative!

This won’t be just a blog about natural beauty, although I hope to make that my main focus. Since I get bored easily just talking about the same topic, I’ll switch it up once in a while. Book reviews, sex talks, and rants about life…why not?

What a lot of people don’t get about me is that I can get pretty deep too and I’m not even high most of the time. Well…I’ll just let my words speak for how deep I can get.

Why “The Introvert Rabbit?”

For one term in my final year, I wrote a weekly column for my school’s newspaper titled “The Introvert Rabbit.” I had a few people ask me about my choice for the column’s title. Here’s why: I’m a self-bunnyproclaimed introvert. I’ve come to realize this recently and while I’ve struggled to come and embrace my introversion, I still face certain scrutiny for being quiet. Being an introvert doesn’t mean I hang around in the corner all the time, but that’s usually where I feel safest and it’s more fun to observe people.

“And why rabbit?” people ask.

Well…I’ve come to grown very fond of rabbits and someday wish to own a rabbit farm (if such a thing exists…) and rabbits just seem pretty chill. Hopping around wherever they want to. That’s kind of like my personality; I like to be in different places as much as possible. Routines are super comfortable for me, but at the same time it bores me and I get all restless.

And I can run fast. JK.

Oh and one day, I will travel the world the way I want to because why not? 🙂

Things I Love:

  • My family
  • My boyfriend
  • My friends
  • Acappella
  • Fried chicken
  • Any kind of delicious food really
  • Good hair
  • Good skin
  • Good teeth
  • Running
  • Stretching
  • Cuddles
  • Rain
  • Green tea
  • and the list goes on and on…

Disclaimer: I’m no doctor or certified holistic specialist. Everything I write on here has been through research I’ve conducted, as well as experiments I’ve tried out on my own. Always make sure that before you try any approach, make sure that you’re healthy and clear to go with these experiments of mine!


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