Water-Only Face Washing (Update 1)


Hey all again!

So I just spent a fabulous weekend in Montreal. Actually jk, Montreal was fabulous. I wasn’t.

It wasn’t hot but I realized (again!) that if I’m going to be packing only skirts and dresses for the weekend, I should invest in some bike shorts because my thighs were on chafing mode all weekend and it’s not graceful walking with your legs spread apart in a pretty dress.

AND pack comfy shoes. I knew I should’ve packed comfy shoes, but the other side of me was all, “NOOOOO…your flats are good enough bler bler bler.” It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if my thighs weren’t chafing but still. 😛

Anyways, main point of this update! As you all know by now, I only wash my face with water, use a diluted ACV toner, and put minimal moisturizer on the driest points of my face (nose, sometimes forehead…). So it’s still a great routine BUT I learned something very important during this trip that is really common sense, but wasn’t so common for me as I was on vacation mode and lazy.

Don’t be lazy like me…

You MUST MUST wash off every trace of makeup. I found a DIY recipe for makeup remover wipes for those lazy days and will be trying that soon, but URGHH. I’m paying for it now. After slumping into my hotel bed without even washing my face, I woke up with zits on my face and it is not pretty!

I’m still recuperating but it’s not as bad. There’s no scarring and no scary pus oozing out of my pores, but still. Wash your makeup off. Don’t be a lazy sloth like me.

All my acne is concentrated on my jawline, so if you were to look at me straight on, it doesn’t seem so bad, but I know they’re there…they’re always watching. O.O

Anyways, that’s it! Nothing too dramatic but just thought I’d share. When I was still washing my face with soap, I could sort of get away with not washing my face at night, but I know leaving makeup on for a long time regardless of your face washing routine is bad.


Oh and I’ll be posting about my Montreal trip soon! I’m doing my best to get back into work mode but I haven’t had a worry-free vacation in SO long, I forget how much non-stop schooling and work burned me out. 😦

Happy Canada Day!

I’m at work all day, so you all have to enjoy it for me. 🙂



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