DIY Dry Shampoo For Light/Dark Hair


Hey guys!

So today I’ll be sharing with you my DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe. It’s not even a recipe because it’s that easy, but it makes it sound fancy.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is essential to my hair routine because I don’t wash my hair everyday. When I first started out, my scalp would produce so much oil that I relied on dry shampoo a lot. My money and scalp health went down the drain when I first started using the store-bought dry shampoo.

So here’s my recipe for DIY Natural Dry Shampoo:

What you’ll need:

  • Spice flask
  • Cornstarch
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder (only for darker-haired peeps!)
  • Funnel

Depending how dark your hair is, the ratio of cornstarch to unsweetened cocoa powder may vary. The darker your hair is, the more cocoa powder you should use. Otherwise you’ll end up with grey looking roots. If you’ve got light/blonde hair, you’ll only really need to use cornstarch.

Why you need unsweetened cocoa powder

If you get sweetened cocoa powder, you’ll end up with sticky hair because of…the sugar! I got my unsweetened cocoa powder at the local Bulk Barn here. SOOOOO cheap. I spent a dollar on actually a small amount and a box of No Name cornstarch for $2-$3.

I also got my spice flask from Dollarama…so DIY Dry Shampoo for $5? YES YES YES!

It’s been a year since I started using this and I’ve only ever had to make two batches. Since I don’t rely too much on my dry shampoo anymore, my spice flask is still almost full.

What’s great about this is that you don’t need much because the cornstarch and cocoa powder are so concentrated.

DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe

  1. Mix cornstarch and cocoa powder in a container.If you’re darker haired, make sure this is thoroughly mixed so that you don’t risk
    1. My cocoa powder to cornstarch ratio is 2:1 because I’ve got that black Asian hair thing going on here.
    2. If you’ve got blonde/light hair, skip to step 3!
  2. Take your funnel and stick it in the spice flask thing.
  3. Pour pour pour.
  4. Voila! There ya go! Easy peasy.

How I Use It

Ever since going with water-only hair washing, I’ll start to get oily hair around the 3rd-4th day. I start using dry shampoo on the 5th day and even then, I don’t need that much.

On days I exercise, I rinse my scalp because I don’t want the grime and sweat mixing with the powder. It’s not so bad if you have to do this honestly, especially if it’s winter and don’t want to wash your hair before you head home from the gym. #canadianwinters

So I section my hair and sprinkle along the part and keep sectioning and powder. I focus on the canopy of my scalp the most. I wait maybe 20-30 sec…then start rubbing in the dry shampoo.

I take my boar bristle brush and run it through my actual hair part just to make sure there’s no obvious dry shampoo lurking around.

Cheap and Easy

Then that’s it!

$5 Dry Shampoo that lasts a long time and is good to my scalp = Love

Bonus: Your scalp will have a subtle chocolatey smell. WOO CHOCOLATE!

That’s it for today! Share or leave a like if this helps and subscribe to get more tutorials and DIY recipes!


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