Water-Only Body Washing


Water-Only Body Washing

Hey all again! For those of who are just stumbling upon this post, this is Part II of the Water-Only Series! Riding on from Part 1: Water Only Face Washing, I started a new experiment with just washing my body only water.

Sounds gross, I know. You’re probably thinking I smell and well…just stink if I only shower with water. Well, let me tell ya. It sorta kinda works and sorta doesn’t. One thing I learned from this experiment is that water-only body washing works with a really healthy lifestyle!

I found that consuming red meats tends to make me a little stinkier. I can’t give up red meat, not ever. So while water-only body washing is regrettably a no-no for me, it might work better for those who aren’t big meat eaters!

Why Am I Doing This Again?

My skin’s super sensitive. I’ve tried about every commercial product that claims it’s good for sensitive skin and while it works for a while, I just go back to being all itchy, red and not pretty. At first I thought it was just my lack of moisturizing but no amount of moisturizer could save me from the itchiness that prevails.

So I’ve scoured the internet for solutions and some people have found relief in only washing themselves with water! So I figure, let’s go! I’d rather risk being stinky than itchy all over.

The miracle?

I wasn’t as stinky as I thought I would be. I convinced my parents to take a whiff of my pits and as concerned as they were about the stink, I’m happy to report that they didn’t die from my stink. Yay!

The Water-Only Body Routine

A note before I begin…I shower everyday! I’ll shower twice if I have to. I just tried not using soap for a bit.

So when I get in the shower, I like to spin around for a bit. Get myself thoroughly soaked. Then I just grab a washcloth and scrub scrub scrub all over!

I spend a little more time on the uh…private parts and pit area.

Wow, that’s kinda gross of me to share that but it’s gotta get cleaned somehow!
I probably spend 5 minutes overall most days in the shower, which is really all you need and it saves a lot of time! On the days I shave and wash my hair (which I do 1-2x a week), the longest I’ll take is 15 minutes.

Why I Decided To Stop

The main reason why I decided to stop and go back to my previous routine was simple: I miss the smell of soap and I didn’t smell as clean as I had hoped.

So I went back to my old faithful Dr. Bronner’s and I’m sticking with that unless I decide to change the way I eat, meaning, I eat a lot less meat and more greens (which…wouldn’t be fun for me lol.)

The big bottle of Dr. Bronner’s I’ve got runs for about $15 and if you’re lucky, you’ll find them in your local grocery or health store on a sale! I haven’t been lucky in that sense yet, so I haven’t hoarded bottles.

Maybe I’ll go back to water-only washing if I consume less red meat and more of the good stuff. It definitely helps when you’re travelling when you don’t have to carry more stuff and it’s nicer on the skin.

Aaaand that’s it!

Again for some people this might work, but it’s more likely to work for people who have better diets than I do lol. It’s hard to give up meat because I don’t want to 😛
If you guys have any questions or comments then do leave them in the comment box!

Happy Friday! Oh and I’m in Montreal, so I’ll be writing about my first time here!!! Woo! Nothing fancy…I’m pretty sure a lot of Canadians have gone to Montreal already but every adventure has its own value!


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