Weight Loss Journey – Part 1


Date: June 20, 2014

Weigh-in: 210 lbs (probably all that guacamole I had yesterday lol)
Current goal weight: 150 lbs
Ultimate goal weight: 130 lbs

Well…that’s a start.

The way I’m altering my diet is simple:

  • Smaller portions
  • Including healthier options in my meals
  • Cutting out soda (I’ve already partially done this, but I occasionally go back to it for the taste, but then it hurts my tummy!)

I would add “eating out less” to the list, but it’s just so hard to do. What I’ll be doing instead is counting those as my cheat days and will exercise cutting my portions in half. If only I could get my brother to eat my other half so that I wouldn’t be tempted to eat the rest of it, then I’m solid, but noooooo.

I’ve already kind of started these behaviours. When I first started my internship in May 2014, my mom would pack my food and give me insanely small portions!

Well, insanely small at that time and for the first couple of weeks, I would feel like I was starving the whole day and jumped on the occasional opportunity when my co-workers would eat out. Now those “insanely small portions” fill me up just nicely and yes, thank you mom.

So PROGRESS even if I’m not losing any weight right now lol. HAH TAKE THAT.


The only thing missing is the more hardcore exercise portion. My folks, puppy and I do a lot of walking now that it’s summer and that makes me work up a bit of a sweat, but if I could get into running and strength training without both my knees threatening to snap off, that would be grrrreat.

Lately I’ve just been pushing myself to slowly run on the treadmill in the basement and it sucks so bad because of my knees.

BUT a good thing is that even though I’m running at a slower pace than what I was used to back in high school, I’m running without feeling like I’m dying and I’m slowly building muscle back into my arms.

How I’m Feeling

Well…to be honest, I feel good until I pulled out my size 8 jeans from senior year high school toe other day. What followed after that was me falling into a pit of sadness and wanting to eat all the fried chicken in the world.

A couple days ago, I chucked out all my old clothes so that they wouldn’t distract me and make me feel crappy about myself.

I do glorify all body shapes and sizes. Like for example, when I see a skinny girl wearing a dress I’ll never pull off with my body frame, I think “WHY GOD WHY DOES SHE LOOK SO GOOD?” Then I see a girl with my body type wearing almost the exact same dress style and I think, “WHY GOD WHY DOES SHE LOOK SO GOOD?!”

I  glorify every body shape and size except for mine on the bad days. On the good days, I’ll be working it. So if you ever see me walk with a certain sway in my step, you’ll know it’s a good day. 😉

Weight loss is seriously more of a mental battle than a physical battle for me.

The Thing I Miss The Most Right Now

Eating out with my friends from university. Those were some good times. The other day I was thinking about a time when a friend and I straight up pigged out. I think it went like this:

  • All you can eat sushi for lunch
  • Large bubble tea drinks at the mall
  • Cinnamon buns at Cinnabon next to the bubble tea stand
  • A McNugget Happy Meal and some free McDonalds coffee

Then we proceeded to not burn all those calories when we arrived at a cappella rehearsal. I feel like I’m missing some burritos and cheese fries from Taco Bell, but that might’ve been another time. Regardless, those were the good old days of bonding over food.

Looking back, I’m glad that I didn’t bring my car when I moved closer to school. I would’ve walked ALOT less and probably wouldn’t fit into ANY of my clothes right now. Lord knows I can’t afford a new wardrobe.


Uhhh…I don’t have any photos right now because I’m at work and JUST thought about why I didn’t have any pictures. I’ll include them later when I get the time. 😛

In the meantime, here’s a picture of a kitty cat..wushuhuhuuu so cute<3

Happy Friday all!<3


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