Water-Only Face Washing


 Water-Only Face Washing

Why you should go water-only face washing

I found that this method worked for me because of my super sensitive skin. I’ve read success stories with all different types of skin: normal, oily, combination, but apart from reducing the frequency of flare ups and blemishes, the main reason I went for this face washing method was simple: I’m lazy and want to do my part on living the healthiest life possible.

This includes not putting chemicals on my face that are sure to flare up my skin and spending the least amount of effort in my beauty routine.

The backstory

My acne horror story isn’t as horrific as others but every little pimple was such a big deal back in junior high. On top of having little tiny pimples around my hairline, I would get the occasional big red bump on the most inconvenient of places (smack middle of my forehead, on the tip of my nose, one on each cheek, etc.)

I’ve probably used about every cleanser there is and in university, every inch of skin on my body developed severe sensitivities to these cleansers. Confused and desperate, I started abusing these cleansers more thinking they would help and that I was just extra dirty compared to everyone else.

Eventually, I delved into the natural stuff to help me and found methods such as honey face-washing, washing with rye-flour, and currently, I’ve settled into a water-only routine.

It was about a week before I saw the results and I feel so much better! Like with any natural routine though, your face will need some time getting used to it, especially if you’ve been using commercial cleansers and stuff.

The reason why my transition time wasn’t so bad is because I was already using natural means of washing my face.


Here’s how I go about my water-only face washing routine:


Splash my face with lukewarm water twice.

Apply moisturizer in a patting motion.

Make-up and done.

(Note: Sleep rejuvenates your skin, so I always try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep and I only ever really splash my face with lukewarm water to wake me up.)


Splash my face with lukewarm water 4-5 times, gently rubbing my skin.

Pat dry with a towel.

Wipe ACV toner on my face and neck.

Apply moisturizer in a patting motion.

Apply coconut oil around my eye area. (Coconut oil has become my eye cream)

Sleep! (JK. I’ll probably be on Buzzfeed for the next hour after this)

(Note: I wear very minimal makeup and the heaviest thing on my face is my eyeliner, so I take that off with coconut oil. Works like a charm! Just don’t get it in your eyes!)


Take about 1-2 teaspoons of rye flour and mix a tiny bit of water, depending on what consistency you prefer. I like it more chunky.

Apply it to face and rub it in circular motions for 20-40 seconds.

Wipe on ACV toner.


(Note: This is my weekly scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells. Some people like to lightly scratch their face with the fingernails daily while washing their face.)

Before and after water washing


photo (1)

Top:Just finished washing my face with water-only.
Bottom: Minimal ma
keup on water-only. By minimal, I mean, concealer on dark spots, some eyeliner and eyebrow penciling thing going on there.

Okay, I tried looking for pictures of me from before my natural skincare days, for comparison, then I remembered that I wouldn’t dare put up pictures of me with blemishes and stuff. Oh I’ll put pictures of me looking a tool:

Yeah, so tool-me with my clunky digital camera, but no pictures with bad skin.

A lot of makeup makes me itchy, so I try to use enough makeup to make me look presentable-ish. Somewhat. Luckily going natural has resulted in no flare-ups and seriously minimal acne. My pimples resurface a week before that time of the month. Yeah TMI. Sorry, but thought I’d just throw it out there. 😛 Sorry boys!


You’re only putting water, DIY toner, and moisturizer on your face! Very minimal ingredients and you know you’re not slugging on thousands of chemicals on your face.

You won’t need to lug around bottles of face-wash stuff when travelling. I bring two small bottles of sweet almond oil and apple cider vinegar whenever I’m spending the night at someone’s or travelling.


Honestly, the only con here is having hard water.

I can imagine the wonders if you were to wash your face with soft water instead of hard water. We have hard water here in Ontario, which is frustrating on all levels, seeing as I can’t afford a water filter.

But for my face, it hasn’t been such a huge issue. I’ll write another update if anything drastic happens due to the hard water. As for water-only hair washing…hard water’s a different story.

As always, like with any natural beauty care method, this might not produce results similar to mine! So do experiment and if you’re not happy, look around my site for alternative face washing methods. I’ll be posting alternative methods as I come across them.

Any questions or comments, leave ’em in that comment box thingy below!

Happy Friday!<3


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