Insta-Celebrity: I’m A Garden Rose


Inspired by a blog post from The Daily Post, they asked their readers to write about which celebrity they would trade places with and why.

My pick? Right now, I’m totally digging Uzo Aduba, who currently portrays Suzanne Warren aka Crazy Eyes from Orange Is The New Black.

Why? It’s not so much her Crazy Eyes character I want to trade places with, but because she portrays her so well and engages in the role as if it was truly her, that shows passion to the craft. Fully committing herself to any role she portrays, I’m sometimes taken aback when I see her out of her Crazy Eyes persona, all glamorous and well, not-so-Crazy-Eyes-like.

I admire certain celebrities for their passion. You can see it in their work and you can see it in the way they handle their celebrity fame. I haven’t kept up much with celebrity gossip for a while, but I love when my favourite celebrities are nowhere to be found amidst the sea of celebrity journalism. The less I know about them, the better I’m able to enjoy their works without thinking about their latest scandal(s).

I’m no thespian but I do like to dream of myself as someone who’ll be comfortable, being vulnerable to the character I’m portraying. It’s liberating to not be yourself for a while. I think I like acting better than singing actually. Even though I’ve dedicated a majority of my life to singing, I always felt more natural and safe when I was acting in a school play or working my way through a skit at drama class.

Aduba sticks out from many actresses these days and even sticks out to me from her colleagues at OitNB because she embodies her role so well and clearly is an actress who ACTS and not just picks up a script hoping their level of fame will be enough to bring justice to the character. That audition scene for the Christmas pageant had me in knots as her character attempts to figure skate without ice…or skates. It was endearing but at the same time, seems like something I’d do in the comforts of my room. Or whenever she caves under her anxiety and starts hitting herself proclaiming, “Stupid! Stupid!”, it’s heartbreakingly real.

Then I remember that she’s acting but at the same time, I realize that there are people out there just like her.

Aduba does it for millions of people to watch and does it well.

Just like she stated to her dear Dandelion, “I’m a Garden Rose.” Yes you are, Ms. Aduba. Yes you are.


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