Loving Love Again


What is love?

First loves, true loves, last loves, where does it start and where does it end? The other day, a family member and I were talking about the concept of falling in love. Apparently, he’s fallen head over heels for this girl and claims to love her, but she doesn’t feel the same and doesn’t want them to go too fast. Typical love scorned teenage story, right? That’s not the main point here though.

Notice I said he “claimed.” My first reaction to his story was that, “He’s too young to know what love is.” Then I realized that I had suffered the same fate as most adults have: the fact that I even thought that he was too young to love someone else was a super fatal mistake.

Why? Because I myself believed that I had truly fallen in love at the age of 16, and I’ve claimed to be in love countless times before that. I faced the same scrutiny from older peers saying, “That’s not love! That’s just an infatuation.” or “You’re too young to love! Go study.”

But I didn’t care because I knew that in my heart, what I felt was real. I know I hadn’t lived that long, but I’d racked up a countless number of crushes and fantasy relationships to know that what I was feeling at 16 was the real deal.

Soul Searching

So I did some soul searching for a couple days and finally settled on a mentality that embraces love at a young age. Why should I let my experience with love cloud my judgment on a love that is so untainted and innocent?

Those first months of the relationship were some of the best because that burning passion was unprecedented and seriously hot. Any previous crushes I had were pushed into oblivion.

Five years later, I’m still in love with the same man but the added years of our teenage drama and fighting has definitely implemented a sense of reality into our relationship. That doesn’t mean it’s turned for the worse. In fact, it’s made us stronger because we’re no longer kids who can get away with shirking our responsibilities. Unfortunately, living in a Western society that demands accountability and responsibility will have that toll on you. Otherwise, I think I’d be happy to be reckless with him.

Kids These Days

So why do people still insist that kids these days don’t know what love is? Perhaps it doesn’t help that declarations of love are splashed through Facebook and Instagram postings a day after the relationship was Facebook official. Well, who are we to judge really? Just like our former teenage selves, we felt indestructible with our love and didn’t give a damn about what anyone had to say about it.

We just didn’t have a large social media presence to show how silly in love we were. Ok, at this point, I’m making myself sound like I’m really ancient and old-fashioned. Well, I guess I am an old soul at heart, but I’m modern in the sense that I advocate for just letting people post what they want on social media.

There’s enough hate in this world and even if we just feel that fleeting love for a bit, why not celebrate it?


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